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Smoking Habit

I am a smoker. I have been smoking since 14 years old. I can’t remember well how it could happen. But I think, at the beginning, because of seduction from my friend, a college student called Kentang. We bet some money when playing a chess. The winner took everything.

Before the game was over, my other friend took the money and bought some ciggaretes. At the end, I won the game and felt sad because I didn’t get the money. All my friends who watched the game was laughing loudly. I was angry and took a ciggarete because I didn’t want to lose anything. And it was my first time to feel the pleasure of ciggarete.

My parent knew it. I began build a smoking habit since won the chess game. But it is OK as long as I could help them to run the stall at the tradisional market. Maybe because my father is smoker too. So, maybe smoking was the biggest choice in my teenagers age.

In my community, majority of the people I met were smoker too. What a perfect environment to start a bad habit. But I realized that smoking is a bad habit a few days ago.  And now, I am struggling to quit smoking as soon as possible. For healthy life. For more saving. And stop the nag from my sisters and my mother. I will quit smoking forever. I promise to my self.

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