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An Alter Ego

I don’t no about an alterego. I don’t no about writing English. I just know that I am exciting to join BEC. It is very fun thing to watch my self write in English. So, I don’t care about what am I looks like.

First, I believe that everyone has an alterego. I think it is only feeling’s effect. When your feeling is happy, your attitude, your word, and every thing you do become positive. When your feeling is sad, you become lazy, cry, and don’t care about every thing. When your feeling is angry, you don’t care about what you have done. Is it true?

I think alterego is an action that you did based on your feeling. We just never realized it. I don’t believe one person has 2 personality is exist in this world. So I can’t write too much about something that never exist in the world. I am sorry about that. It is very difficult to write in English.